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Cryolypolisis - Lipo Freeze - Fat Freezing
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 What is Cryo-lipolysis or Lipo Freezing?
In essence this is a proven process that uses our Cryo-lipolysis system  to freeze those stubborn areas of fat cells that are hard to remove with diet alone. Most people have pockets of fat cells that they can’t remove without intervention. If I wings, muffin tops, mummy tummies, love handles, moobs, bra rolls ? These are all names given to fat areas that we all agree are the hardest to remove and they are so common we give them nick names! 

Well... technology has now caught up and we can offer you a non- invasive pain free process that has been clinically proven in research to reduce fat cells by up to 59% in the areas treated. This treatment works great on men and women alike.

Areas that can be treated with Lipo Freeze.

Inner and outer thighs.

Bingo wings.Upper arms.

Upper & Lower abdomen.

Man boobs.

Love Handles.

Under bra rolls.

Hips. Buttocks.

Back pads.

Muffin Tops
In fact nearly anywhere other than your face.

How does Cryo-Lypolisis treatment work?

 Our system uses a light vacuum pressure to gently hold an area of fat, you want to get rid of, between two cooling induction plates. Your skin is protected by an anti freeze membrane making this treatment perfectly safe.

Firstly.. your fat cells are gently warmed and the vacuum holds the area being treated securely. A light chilling begins as the cryo technology takes effect and the fat cells begin to freeze. As fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than your skin cells this means your skin  cells are not affected. You sit back and relax for up to an hour depending on the area and the results you require. The only sensation you may feel is a light tingling and an initial cooling feeling. 

Previously fat loss results like this could only be achieved by surgery, harsh dieting and exercise. With our latest in Lipo Freezing Technology you can now experience amazing results without the downtime.

So if you want to finalise that beach bikini body you have been working hard on or wow the guests at the christmas coctail party in your little black dress take the next step and book your Lipo Freeze treatment at our clinic.

Simply call on 07494 745347or message us on Facebook using the link below.

History of Cryo-Lipolisis

 As early as the 1970’s scientists discovered that layers of subcutaneous fat below the skin went through an irreversible cell death process when chilled to specific temperatures. They discovered that fat cells are more susceptible to the cold than the surrounding skin, muscle and nerves cells which do not freeze whilst the fat cells do.

More recently the Institute of Aesthetic medicine in Glasgow has confirmed the initial findings of researcher Dr Darren McKeown. His research findings are incredibly exciting as they reveal that the Lipo Freeze proceedure is safe to use and delivers research proven results of fat cell reduction between 11% and 59% after just a single treatment. He also showed that further reductions can be gained with subsequent treatments.

FAQ’s about Lipo - Freeze permanent fat loss treatment.

• Is fat freezing treatment permanent?

 The great thing about Cryo Lipolysis treatment is that during the fat freeze proceedure the fat cells are crystalized and absorbed by the body and the natural waste processes. The fat cells cannot grow back once they have been destroyed.

• Do I need to exercise or diet after lipo freeze treatment?

Although we are very keen advocates of healthy diet and exercise and Cryo Lipolysis is certainly no substitute for healthy living this treatment requires you to do very little afterwards. 
 We suggest that post treatment you increase your water intake and avoid caffeine and other toxins to support the bodies natural processes. We will advise you at the time of treatment what you need to do to help the process.

Lipo-freeze before and after..

Lipo freeze treatment on a 49 year old male. The pictures were taken 3 weeks after treatment on his lower abdomen in the area of stubborn fat the client found hard to remove.

FAQ’s about Lipo - Freeze permanent fat loss treatment.

• Will I see the results immediately?

After 7 days the fat cells will beging to alter their shape which shows the process of trauma has had the desire effect. A week later Apoptosis ( Biochemical events leading to cell changes resulting in cell death) begins and the fat cells begin to die off and excrete from the body. Over the course of around 12 - 16 weeks you will see the full results. Give yourself a weight loss boost and Lipo Freeze you way to being slim without the need for expensive and invasive surgery. No downtime and you can get on with your normal day after a short treatment.

• How do I book my Lipo Freeze treatment?

Easy just give us a call on 07780 466073, send a message on the Facebook link or use the contact from below. We will then give you a ring and you have an initial consultation on the phone to see that you are suitable for this treatment. We can then book an appointment for you where we carry out a face to face consultation prior to your treatment to ensure your treatment will be safe.

• What happens to the fat after the treatment?

Your fat cells are broken down and destroyed by the bodys own immune and lymphatic systems. • Are there any after effects of lipo freeze treatment? Generally there are very few side effects. Some redness and bruising is possible but it is rare this lasts for any extended period. The Lipo Freeze treatment we offer is quick and easy so much so you could even have it in your lunch break. There is no downtime, no recovery period and there is minimal discomfort during or after treatment. For these reasons it is easy to see why the treatment is becoming so popular.

• Will I need more than one treatment?

 In most areas of the body generally most people will require only one treatment. This obviously depends on your fat loss expectations and the amount of fat you have to start with.

If after your first treatment results you have experienced you would like additional treatments we would recommend that you have an 8 week gap between treatments.

• How long does the Lipo Freeze treatment take?

This depends on the area being treated and the depth of fat. Treatments take up to 60 minutes. If you are being treated for multiple areas additonal time will be needed. We will be able to advise you of this at your consultation.

• How much does it cost for Lipo Freeze treatment?

 When you compare Lipo Freeze it is exponentially cheaper than traditional Lipo Suction which can cost anywhere between £3000 and £6000.

After your initial consultation we can look at your desired goals for your new body and create a bespoke treatment plan for you. Our prices start from £99 per area but we also do a package of 5 areas for great rate. 

We are quite happy to split a package between friends or partners provided you are both suitable for the treatment.

• Does the Lipo Freeze treatment hurt?

 Lipo Freeze treatment is alomost completely pain and discomfort free. Having experienced it ourselves we can say that there may be a little discomfort as the cooling takes place. This lasts only a minute or two and you soon forget you are having the treatment. Many of our clients even fall asleep during their treatment.

• Can anyone be treated with Lipo Freeze?

 The Cryo-Lipolysis treatment is suitable for most people who are within two stone of their natural body weight as the teatment removes the most stubborn hard to reduce fat. We can treat the majority of clients who come to us for this treatment.

We have great links with dieticians and local exercise professionals who understand the treatment and our goals and they can help in the event you you cannot be treated intially.

If you are pregnant of breast feeding  we will not treat you with Lipo Freeze until afterwards. In some extreme and rare cases we will ask you to consult with your GPand obtain a letter prior to treatment.

• Are there any side effects of Lipo Freeze treatment?

After treatment you may experience a slight numbness in the area treated. Some people but not all experience a little swelling, mild redness, bruising, pin point bleeding, bloating, abdominal cramp, dizziness, nausea, pins and needles or tingling as the skin returns to normal after treatment. 

We have to include all the possibilities but many people experience none or very few of the above. We have had the treatment ourselves and redness and light bruising was all we found depending on the area treated along with a bit of numbness that passed in an hour or so.